Not a collection of static pedigree pages, the site is in fact a dynamic viewer that allows you to traverse a large database of dogs, moving up, down, and sideways (that is, to ancestors, descendants, and siblings) at will. You move just by clicking on any dog that's in the currently displayed pedigree or table of siblings or descendants. This lets you move through the generations in a very natural way. Several options are available for how pedigrees are displayed. 

After reading the appropriate section below, click the "Instructions" button in the top right corner of this page. 

If you care about computers and web server issues  If you care about dogs 
This site was developed using the interactive Mathematica Notebook developement environment, and deployed using the webMathematica appliction server. The pages you will see are generated dynamically by a Mathematica language program, which is accessing a database of about 10,000 dog records stored as a Mathematica file. The data originated in a CompuPed breed file which was exported as a text file, then parsed in and reformatted using Mathematica

Everything to do with appearance of the pages is under the control of the Mathematica program (that is, there are no perl scripts or other such tools being used). In this particular site, the dog database is run entirely within Mathematica. For situations requiring a significantly larger database, or one that is being dynamically updated by local or network database entry tools, the system could instead be configured to read records from an underlying database system. The entire logic of the site would remain in Mathematica language. 

This site allows you to browse a database of 10,000 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. The database of dogs was kindly provided by an anonymous doner. Because this site displays such a large number of pedigrees (10,000, since you can display a full pedigree for any dog in the database), you can roam around the whole breed and see how different kennels are related. It's fun to see if you can get from one dog you know to another: Any two Tollers are almost certainly related somehow, and this database is large enough that you have good chance of finding the connection, if you know your dogs! 

WARNING! Please note that, as with any database, this one is sure to contain errors and omissions.  Please try to be forgiving of such errors, and just enjoy the ability to navigate from one dog to the next. 

However, in light of the potential for erroneous information, please don't consider this a definitive source for anything, and don't make breeding decisions based on anything you find in here. If you are considering buying a Toller puppy, please don't make your choice based on what you see here. This information is being provided for your amusement only.